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Broom Making Series - CLASS THREE ONLY Saturday June 22nd

Broom Making Series - CLASS THREE ONLY  Saturday June 22nd

6 month Broom making course. 

In this course we will meet once a month (twice in June as I’m traveling all of July) from 10-5 with a break for lunch. We will start from the beginning with whisk brooms working through several shapes and weaving handles and move through handled brooms and finish the course out making a decorative handled broom just in time for spooky season. The whisk making classes 1-3 can absolutely be taken as singular classes not requiring follow up. The Handled broom classes will not be finished same day they will require drying time and if you choose to drop in on only one class we will need to discuss a date for you to come finish stitching and pick up your piece. Classes will be taught at my Shop unless otherwise specified. My Shop is located in Newburgh NY the address will be sent to confirmed students.


This class is priced on a sliding scale and this listing is for CLASS THREE ONLY! 

Class Three wrapping up our exploration in whisk making - Stitched whisks and Weaving handles. 

This workshop introduces participants to the basic skills and materials used to construct their very own whisk brooms. We will wrap up our work with whisks starting with a stitched whisk and weaving handles. You may tie any of the other shapes explored in previous classes and weave the handle on that piece as well if you prefer. Everyone will go home with **at least 2** whisks.

No prior experience is needed but moderate upper body strength and manual dexterity are required. If you have sensitive hands, some well-fitting gardening gloves or fingerless work out type gloves could be helpful.

Please feel free to bring an apron or towel and wear comfortable clothing you don't mind potentially getting dirty.