About The Maker

Vagabond [vag-uh-bond]


wandering from place to place without any settled home; nomadic:
a vagabond tribe.
leading an unsettled or carefree life.


Vagabond Spun started as an idea while living as an expat abroad. My husband worked contract to contract in academia which meant we weren't sure when we'd pack our bags again, if we'd move back to the States or, somewhere else altogether. This left me feeling every inch the Vagabond. Owning only our clothes, ready to drop sell or donate anything else we had acquired, moving only with the bags we could carry. That, coupled with my obsession to learn and create new wonders using any materials I could get my hands on, which at the time was making hand spun yarns, led to the birth of Vagabond Spun, but lets fast forward a bit...

Hi, I'm Paskalini and I'm a Broomsquire, craftswoman, and avid maker located in the Lower Hudson Valley, New York. Over the years I've explored spinning, weaving, and basketry, but it wasn't until studying the art of broom making under Marlow Gates, master Broom Maker in North Carolina, that I found my calling. The art of broom making deeply resonated with me and I have been passionate about the art ever since, joyously sharing my broom love with anyone who will listen! 

As a Craftswoman and  teacher I strive to broaden people's perspectives of the natural world through the art of the broom-- from identifying new materials in nature to work with, to realizing the joy of sweeping with a handcrafted broom. I am always seeking to expand my own skillset and continue learning with other broom makers as well as sharing the art of the broom with the world. 

I would like to share with you the passion, and love that goes into producing handcrafted, one of a kind items. Join me on my journey of Inspiration, Creation, and Magick.

You can catch behind the scenes action by following instagram.com/vagabondspun