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Cobwebbers and Hearth Brooms: A Two Day Intensive Broom Making Course. 


Broom season is upon us friends! Whether you’re interested in making a functional piece or your own witchy decor, Cobwebbers and Hearth brooms are a wonderful way to begin your journey into handled broom making. But what exactly are Cobwebbers and Hearth Brooms?

A Cobwebber, is a long, slender, lightweight broom used for clearing cobwebs from ceilings, corners, or other hard to reach areas.  

A Hearth Broom, is traditionally a small broom kept near the fire place to sweep ash from the hearth. You may recognize the modern version as the very small broom in the set of tools kept by the fire place. Our version will be a bit larger than it’s modern companion. This lovely broom is versatile and can be used in other areas such as gardens, campers, etc.

In this two- day class you will learn everything you need to complete your very own Cobwebber and Hearth Broom. We will cover materials needed, how to sort and prep them for use, construction, and finishing techniques.

All Materials will be provided, but if you have something you’d like to use as a handle please feel free to bring it to class.  

We will cover 3 styles in this class, a classic Cobwebber, and two styles of Hearth Broom. 

Broom corn is a natural fiber and can still be a little dirty, we will be working with water as well, so please wear clothes you are comfortable getting wet or dirty. Feel free to bring an apron or towel if you like. 

Previous experience is not necessary but moderate upper body strength and manual dexterity are required.

$275.00.  $50.00 deposit holds your space.

Includes all materials.  Lunch:  bring your own (fridge and microwave available), or local restaurants to order out.  

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Introduction to Broom Making At Madison Wool 

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Broom Making Work shop at Little Wolf Tattoo studio

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