Interested in learning to make a broom of your own? AWESOME! Let's make it happen. Here are some of my upcoming workshops and links for enrollment. If you are interested in scheduling a workshop please send an email to



2024 workshops

6 month Broom making course. 

In this course we will meet once a month (twice in June as I’m traveling all of July) from 10-5 with a break for lunch. We will start from the begining with whisk brooms working through several shapes and weaving handles and move through handled brooms and finish the course out making a decorative handled broom just in time for spooky season.
Class one
May 4th or 5th
intro to whisk making
Working on Turkey wings and Hawks Tails
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Class Two
June 1st or 2nd
Working on Hen’s wings and Bundled whisks
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Class Three 
Stitched whisks and weaving handles on, break for lunch Head down to the river to collect materials for handled brooms. 
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Class 4
Intro to tying handled brooms starting with cob webbers and hearth sweeps. 
Class five 
 Tying a fullsized sweeper
Class 6 
Stitching Handled brooms tied in previous sessions and tying decorative Handled broom